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'Kenilworth and the Two World Wars'

 A repeat (see below) of this presentation will be at Kenilworth Library, 20th November 2018, the anniversary of the night the landmine fell at Abbey End. Time to be confirmed; it will be free admission but by ticket only, please inquire at the library.



 For the Kenilworth Civic Society, in conjunction with Heritage Open Days

 Friday 8th September 2017, Old folks Club, Abbey End, 7.30 pm

'Kenilworth and the Two World Wars'

"Just to say a massive thank you for the talk that you kindly gave for us last Friday. It was the best one yet, so much went into it, such detail, and so much effort went in to the co.ordination of the words with the pictures, which were great as well, a lot unseen by most of us, that with the the special effects, well just brilliant!" -  Pat Cain, Kenilworth Civic Society, 11th September 2017


 Added on 1st January 2017 is the result of my most important research, identifying the remains of the 'Unknown Souls'. This also throws new light on the events of 21st November 1940. Please click on the tab above for full details.

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The 76th anniversary of the landmine falling was commemorated at the Abbey End Memorial on Monday 21st November 2016 at 11.00 a.m.  Flowers were placed by the relatives of Bertie Lamb, the Mayor Richard Davies, and the Kenilworth Women's Institute.

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The following day Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 11.00 a.m. the new stone marking the grave of the 'unknown souls' at Kenilworth cemetery was blessed by Rev Stella Bailey. The Mayor was in attendance placed the floral tribute


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As each year passes, the numbers of those that can recall the Second World War diminish. The responsibility to ensure the memories live on of those who lost their lives, played their part in securing our future, or simply having to cope with wartime conditions, falls to the next generation; this includes the author.

It is important too that all remaining artefacts are properly recorded, and where possible preserved, to help explain to future generations exactly what the wartime years in Kenilworth were really like.

 I have for a long time believed that the names of civilians who died in Kenilworth, most notably in the land mine explosion at Abbey End, should be displayed on a public memorial in the same way as the servicemen. Such a plaque exists but is locked away from public view; a plaque should be placed on the memorial at Abbey End as the Kenilworth Urban District Council intended in 1950.

The purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive picture of Kenilworth and the second world war. It is far from complete and many additions are planned.

I shall focus on Kenilworth itself so shall not be including the stories of Kenilworth servicemen and their exploits, but it would be wrong not include a mention of those who did not return. For this I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Kenilworth War Memorial website:


It perhaps does not need saying that contributions to this website are invited and will be gratefully received. Credit, of course, will be given or omitted as desired by the contributor. Please contact me via this link:

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It is recommended that the main article “The War Comes to Kenilworth” is read first, as this provides the background to most of the other pages.

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My book 'Kenilworth People & Places, Volume 1', includes the full history of 'The Globe Hotel', and the clocktower (including its post-war renovation). Full details can be found on my other website (see below)

For details of all my books about Kenilworth, and for articles on various aspects of its history, please visit my other website


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