Abbey End & The Square, c1939


kenilworth clock tower c1938 600

 This photograph was taken in the immediate pre-war years after Abbey End had been widened. About 8ft was 'sliced' off the end of the building immediately behind the clocktower. (Compare to the photo on the page 'Abbey End 1910')




Abbey End

10        The Firs            Geoffrey Lawton Moss

8          Was part of the Firs, now Lladnar.  Mrs C Randall JP       

6          Avereld Redwood. 

4          J H Reeve, corn merchant

2          George Davis

11        Bendower        Colin Hugh Harper Surgeon and Physician

9          Roseary            Alec Robertson, Robertson & Son printers

7          Salumin            Jn Morris

3 & 5   Miss I G Smith & Miss A Millar, Drapers 

1          Oscar Lancelotte, Confectioner


The Square

2          Alfred Glasspool, Chemist,

4          Leycester’s Lodge, Mrs Arnold.

6          H H Railton, Boot & Shoe

            Wm Ed Taylor

8          Reginald Victor Dickenson, ironmonger      

10        Thomas H Dickenson, newsagent.


3          The Globe

H         Unnumbered, A & F Hanson, Music dealers; Daniels, Trustam and Ward, Dentists.

5          Gilbert Morgan, Wine & spirit merchant

7          Arthur J Cooke, Grocer

9          Not listed, probably absorbed by 7

11        Jonathon Haycock, butcher

13 & 15           Carters drapers, B H Bennett prop. Survives


(The map is taken from the 1936 edition OS, details of premises from 1939 Kelly's directory)