Abbey End, c.1910


This photograph is copied from a Kenilworth Weekly News of 1967. The clock tower looks new, perhaps dating the picture to about 1910.

The large building in the centre, with two chimney stacks and three upstairs windows, is 'Bendower', the doctor's surgery. Just this side of it is an apparent white wall; this marks a possibly then empty plot onto which numbers 7 & 9 'Roseary' and 'Salumin' were later built. Next come numbers 5, 3 & 1 Abbey End with 'The Globe' clearly visible with its three bay windows. These were the buildings lost in the landmine explosion. (See also, below)

Behind the clocktower are numbers 1 & 2 The Square; the bay window visible to the right of the tower was taken down when Abbey End was widened in the 1930s; the new end to the building was severely damaged.


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Newly added (November 2015) enlarged and enhanced portion of the top photograph.

To the left of The Globe can be seen 1, 3 & 5 Abbey End that were completely destroyed in 1940. Number 5, with the lady outside, is listed in 1914 as the "Misses Harris, A & M, fancy drapers"; in 1940 it was along with number 3 "Smith & Millar, drapers"