This photograph is in the posession of the Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society and is reproduced with permission.

The photographer, believed to be working for the Leamington Courier, was standing just inside the fence of number 8 Abbey End, 'Llandar', the home of Mrs Charles Randall.

On the extreme left can be seen the walls of number 11 'Bendower', the doctor's surgery. To its right are the remains of number 9 'Roseary'. Number 7 'Salumin' which was attached to 'Roseary' is all but destroyed.

 The area of rubble is where numbers 5, 3 & 1 Abbey End once stood, and beyond can be seen the surviving part of 'The Globe'.

On the right hand side, note the hat on the fence post - is it the photographers? Beyond the hedge is a gap where number 6 sat back from the road but the debris of number 4, Reeves corn store, and number 2 is evident.



This closer view shows that the top of the clock tower remained intact after the explosion. The horizontal pole is thought to be the remains of a sign hanging on the side of 2 The Square, Glasspool the chemists.

The white building just left of centre, 13 The Square, survives today; it also survived a major fire in the 1880s.