For this second photograph, the photographer has moved slightly to his right, and is slightly lower. It covers a smaller field of view so has perhaps been cropped. It is however a much sharper image.

The remains of number 9 'Roseary' are on the left. The front of the house has collapsed as have the floors. A staircase to the upper floor can be seen, so too a fireplace that once shared a chimney stack with the now gone number 5 'Salumin'.

Each of the rescue vehicles is pulling a trailer, the one in the centre (WD 4775) has a large 'B' painted on the side - and a brick behind its rear wheel. It is unfortunate that coats hang over the lettering on the cab door.



The building with the timber frame frontage is Hanson's the music dealer. Beyond is Gilbert Morgan the wine merchant and the building with three dormer windows is Arthur Cooke's grocery store. Very evident is damage to the roofs and missing windows. Hanson's was demolished, the other buildings survived to the 1960s.

Despite the damage, a belisha beacon remains intact.

In the foreground can be seen bedding and bedsteads.



Rescuers searching the rubble with the 'Globe Hotel' as a backdrop. Although many are helmeted, including ARP Wardens, cloth caps can also be seen.

Smoke is still rising from the debris but it was notable that fire did not break out to any large extent.

Looking a little precarious in the front attic room is a bed; there is a story that an old lady was rescued by ladder from the upper floor and insisted her rescuer went back for a box of documents she kept under her bed.



       Abbey_End_2d_400 This is the club room at the rear of 'The Globe' where many of the refugees from Coventry had gathered. Beyond can be seen the damage to the roofs of the rear of other buildings in The Square.