Plaques and Memorials

Gathered here are the  various plaques and memorials associated with the town and the second world war.

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This plaque was made for the Kenilworth Urban District Council in 1952, recording the names of all civilians killed in Kenilworth. It includes two civilians that died in Arthur Street and Hyde Road, but omits the 'unknown soul' that died with 24 others at Abbey End. This plaque currently resides in the cemetery chapel.

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War 23 Nov 90 edit 350

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Due to the efforts of Councillor Spencer Harrison, on 21st November 1990 the 50th anniversary of the land mine explosion was marked by the planting of an oak tree outside the police station in Smalley Place. At its foot is this plaque.

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The plaque on the stone cairn at Abbey End. As will be seen by reading the main article, it is misleading and inaccurate, but this should not reflect upon those responsible for its installation as without their efforts there would be no memorial at all.

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This self-explanitory plate is attached to the east side of the clock tower. At the time, 'Sapcotes' were probably the leading historical stone renovating company in the country.

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