Unknown Souls Identified?

In the grave of the ‘Unknown Souls’ is the body of a 65 year old man and with him what was recorded on the cemetery records as ‘remains’. It is probable that as the man was unidentified he was a displaced person from Coventry and probably appears on a list of those who died in the bombing raids; the remains are “small parts” that were recovered from the vicinity of 1-5 Abbey End after the landmine explosion.

It has always been likely that the remains belong to one or more of those known to have died at Abbey End near the centre of the explosion but whose bodies were not recovered; my investigations narrowed this down fairly quickly to two people, but the final evidence came in the form of documents held at Warwick County Records Office that were subject to a 75 year closure; that ended on 1st January 2017 and so can now be made public.

These documents are from the inquest into the “Disappearance” of George and Nellie Webb on the night of 21st November 1940.

It is recommended that the documents are read in the order they appear on the tabs.

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