Evidence of Horace William Snape, survivor


Horace Snape was 32, a grinder by trade at the Coventry Valve Works, Moor Street. He lived at Grangemouth Road, Coventry.

“In November 1940 I was staying at 5 Abbey End, Kenilworth with Mr & Mrs Webb. I was sitting with them in the house at about 2.30 p.m. (sic) on November 21st 1940, when there was a loud explosion.”

“The next thing I remember was when I was in Warneford Hospital, Leamington Spa, where they told me I had been taken owing to injuries received when the house had been hit by a bomb.”

“I never saw Mr & Mrs Webb again. The bomb gave no warning and none of us had time to move. There were five other people in the room at the time.”

“I have not seen or heard of Mr or Mrs Webb since that time.”



Horace’s statement that he was sitting with the others in the house is not the same as a statement he made whilst still in hospital; see the evidence of Sydney Warwick Clarke.

Horace Snape's relatives who died at Abbey End were Ann and William, both aged 56, and Kenneth George aged 17. Kenneth was the son of the late Richard and Gertrude Snape of Bond Street, Coventry; the precise relationship of Horace to the other Snapes is yet to be discovered though perhaps his second Christian name William suggests that Ann and William were his parents, Kenneth thus maybe a cousin.